Too Much to Watch!

Really, I shall never be able to watch everything!  I came home to the senior events in Salt Lake wrapping up, have managed to watch some Austrian videos today but nothing from Russia today, though I shall have to watch whatever I can find of the first Russian Cup eventually since those results never include the protocol sheet, maybe even see what I can find tonight, though the hour is growing a little late.

Of course, in all probably, nothing I see this weekend is going to beat this one:

Ironically not the best triple axel or triples of the competition from Chen, but that first spin and those steps are just to die for. I was really sad not to get to see him live last Saturday, but at least everyone’s getting to see this instead and hopefully he’ll be better than ever next fall.
But amid an amusing variety of songs being used in the short dance this year, still none have yet cracked me up more than the one I stumbled on last week and the Weird Al made the newscast, though this week’s performance of this program was far better, if only because last week’s was a complete wreck…


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