Dancing With the Stars, All-Star Season, Week 1

For all the talk about how this was the best opening week ever of a Dancing With the Stars season, I’m not entirely convinced technically this field is as strong as last season’s.  Though certainly noone was bad, since it turns out even Bristol Palin can’t get Mark Ballas for two seasons without her dancing showing great benefit(more evidence he really is the best teacher among the pros).  But this wasn’t a lineup chosen for their dancing ability, strictly speaking, and it shows when you have Gilles Marini outdancing everyone technically, even if enough of the others are good enough overall to keep him from being a frontrunner.

Also inevitably causes the judges to turn fussier, yet it’s relieving even so, that the couples of this season will actually have to work for something; I think it’ll be very special indeed when the first perfect score is landed.  Also, stumbles will be extremely heart-breaking, and also suspense-breaking; poor Pamela Anderson was doomed probably before her dance was even over, especially as her inability to get votes was notorious last time around.  Which is especially a pity when I think this show has probably shown her ability to perform at its best.  And when there aren’t any, there will be couples leaving that will hurt, and one definitely needs to worry about Anna and Drew; getting into the bottom two the way they did is a very bad sign.

On, and completely random question: when did Mr. Bieber’s voice break?  I’m way too curious.


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