Dancing With the Stars, All Star Season, Week 2

Watching the results pre-show, which I am getting in the bad habit of doing it seems, and thinking it’s hard to say any dance Melissa did was more defining than that first 48-hour waltz, I was actually brought back to my first exposure to Dancing With the Stars, a year before I actually started watching the series.  At the time I was in the thick of the Star Wars fandom, and someone linked to Joey’s Jedi tango on YouTube.  I quite enjoyed it.  It was good to see it again, especially now that I had the context for it.

I was a bit skeptical when the hosts started hinting at a “shock” elimination last night; in a season like this, there’s not much that can be shocking.  But Joey kind of was; even if most of the dances last night were great his was the most memorable, and you’re not supposed to get eliminated in week 2 after that kind of showmanship.  Especially not when the producers made it harder by making him and Kym quickstep to Radiohead’s “Creep.”(Early frontrunner for WTF music choice of the season).  I was thinking the last ten minutes that Kelly and Val might have gotten lost in the shuffle(which would’ve been a real shame, after she stood up for those of us everywhere burdened with big boobs; really, people who think we’re lucky, it’s totally not worth it, and then just sparkled in her dance to boot), or Helio & Chelsie(I think the reason he ended up in the bottom two might have  simply been because he danced early, and most of the best dances were in the second hour, so it was easy for viewers to momentarily forget about him).  It’s sad.  With Joey being on the show before I was watching, I would’ve love to get the chance to see more from him.  But at least there’ll be plenty of other good couples.  Except two less next week, and it’s too much to hope for that the double elimination will catch out Bristol this early(“Redneck Woman” deserves better than her).

It’s also proof, by the way, that either these results aren’t rigged, or whoever’s rigging them may not be very smart.  But that had been obvious enough already.

Other observations from Monday night: Len & Bruno switching roles was kind of weird, but it seems they remain determined to argue with each other.  Drew and Anna really did not want to be eliminated.  Incredible as it may have seemed when everyone else had already been so good and he was injured to boot, Gilles & Peta still managed to save the best for last, and why he didn’t get at least one 9 is beyond me.  I suppose it would’ve been cheating if they had, but when Melissa talked about a “second chance” at the Jive, I was kind of wishing to see her and Tony give a proper performance of the one we only saw the marking rehearsal of; it showed potential.

And from the results show: Cher Lloyd cannot sing, as becomes obvious when she does not have autotune to help her out. Props to whoever was running the twitter feed and caught the person tweeting “bye bye bye” after Joey & Kym were declared in jeopardy, that was funny.  And Katherine Jenkins sounds great…until Placido Domingo starts singing.  Like the competing couples look great, until the pros dump them to dance with each other to some better male singing than we usually get on this show:

If they have another classical week, they need to get him back. Hey, make it soon enough before a Met broadcast with him in it, and he’d probably be happy to do it for a plug…


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