Dancing With the Stars, All-Stars Season, Week 3

Is it really only the third week?  It feels like later.  This is what All-Stars should be about, one dazzling routine after another.

I’m  not sure how many of them, though, really related to the dances they were supposedly remaking.  Though I can’t comment on a lot of them, some because they were done before I started watching, and some because, contrary to what the celebrities persumably thought, I had no memory of them.  Gilles & Cheryl’s original foxtrot, for instance, I can still only remember vaguely.  Though that was okay, since Apolo & Karina’s was just so exquisite.  In fact, I even wonder on some level if most of the celebrities shied away from doing the most truly iconic dances, because they didn’t want to have to outdo them.

There were some where I remembered the original dance.  Sabrina, for instance, who clearly took a conservative interpretation to the directions that nobody else did, which meant she had to do one of the truly memorable dances(I wasn’t watching back in Season 5, but I’d seen that paso on YouTube, and it stuck with me from there), and the mistake was then nearly fatal(I like that they wore purple, though.  Good anti-bullying touch).  Kirstie & Max doing Carson & Anna’s original first dance and actually doing what was clearly supposed to be done, taking an already good dance and making it their own, if only through the gimmick of making Maks Jagger(and of course both of their partners have the Chermkovskiy brothers appear with their shirts off.  You expected anything different?).  But the couple I think did it the best, were, once again, Gilles and Peeta.  I remembered Erin and Maks’ tango largely as part of saga in dances they had going, though how memorably it was as a dance by itself would be another matter, but they started with it as it was, understood that with the original context gone they’d need to transform it, and did, but with some of the feeling from the original dance lingering on:

And the most memorably dance recalled that night was threatened with desecration by Bristol Palin, who obviously didn’t care if anyone was unimpressed by her, but fortunately the dance she came up with didn’t really have much in common with Joanna and Derek’s original paso besides the music.  Though by the time it aired, she’d already failed to impress by going off on Mark on camera for apparently no good reason at all, and perhaps ABC did doctor it, but it looked more like the right-wing stereotype of the irrational woman that Bristol no doubt thinks she should be allowed to be because she’s been taught all women are.  So she gets away with mistreating Mark and reinforces harmful stereotypes as well(if he really doesn’t want to lose, he truly is dedicated).  At least it’ll probably make her lose as least a few votes, because she did get at least a few sympathy votes from non-Tea Partiers last time around, and that display will turn them off.  Not enough to get rid of her this week, unfortunatley, so instead we lost the two much more talented couples who couldn’t get votes, and now we’ll be deprived of a good rock and roll dance next week, but hopefully we’ll see her gone before the final.  Fingers crossed…


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