Ribbon Skating Montage!

I’d wanted to make a ribbon skating montage for quite some time, but there was always the questions of how many programs would I need and what music to use.  Also this past year between working and spending a few months editing newsvids, I haven’t been making montages, but these past couple weeks I finally settled on music I’d had in mind for a while, got a video of Sasha’s ribbon program and resigned myself to padding the video with clips from the opening of the 2008 Worlds gala as necessary, and edited this one together.  And then couldn’t get it to save except to the huge-ass DV-AVI file with horrendous sound quality; in the end I had to create a smaller avi out of that, reimport it into Windows Movie Maker, replace the sound with the original version of the music, and save it another movie file, which thankfully worked, and so here it is: Ribbon Reel on Ice


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