Did someone say something about binders?

How big were these binders?  I didn’t actually watch the debate, so I don’t know if Mr. Romney specified, though from what I’ve heard of him, I understand he tends not to specify things.  But really, were they one-inch, two-inch, three-inch?  Regular ring or D-ring(do you have any idea how annoying it is when you think you have a nice, big three-inch, and you discover it’s a D-ring and you can put a lot less paper in it)?  Those of us who do the grunt work of filling collections of binders, get tension headaches from trying to hole-punch too much paper at once, seriously consider taking Arbor Day off to go plant a tree in repentance would like to know!

Also, were all of those binders used?  There is nothing worse than laboring the entire day to create a binder that then nobody has any use for, especially if you had nerves popping over fitting all its contents in, wondering if you’re going to need more binders and those who actually have to carry those binders places will hate it.

Answer a question you can do so truthfully, Mr. Romney!  Really, it’s not like you’re trustworthy in answering important questions.  Though to be fair, you’ve taken to lying about silly things too.


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