Dancing With the Stars, All-Stars Season, Week 4

In retrospect, I think the producers may be relieved their gimmick of having the couples pick each other’s dances saw almost everyone pretty much fumble it and not know what they were doing(for all Karina’s belief that Cheryl did).  After all, if they’d manage to think enough to give each other dances that didn’t suit them, this week wouldn’t have been nearly as good.

Instead we got quite a few good matches: Melissa being a *really* good match with the jitterbug, contemporary with Kelly putting that soap opera experience to good use and Val going shirtless, Apolo being such a good match for hip hop that I don’t think any of the viewers really cared when Karina slipped(I was like Len; I didn’t even notice), even Derek getting handed the least “exotic” of the rhythms, because it was in good hands with him.  It was a week when I’m almost too dazzled to declare which one I quite liked the best, and it definitely seems a subjective question, though oddly enough, a few days later the one that stands out strongest in my memory is Emmett and Cheryl’s bolero.  It was unfortunate for them that the producers seem to have trouble finding music for the bolero, since “Better in Time” doesn’t quite suit the mood and they were the second couple that had to dance with it in the show’s history(and when there have only been two of them, back a few seasons ago), but they just ignored that problem and swept right past it:

Still, watching Karina cry after making a mistake, and no doubt thinking that was it, given that mistakes are largely resulting in eliminations this season, I wonder if maybe this isn’t a little too much.  The celebrities and pros alike talk about pressure, but one gets the feeling it’s not supposed to devastate people the way it did her Monday night.  Maybe someone needs to tell everyone to take a deep breath and it’s not the end of the world or the end of their careers if they go home.  Especially with the team dances coming up next week, and if anyone with a good solo dance is on the bottom of the leader board because of a bad team dance…well, I wouldn’t want to be backstage with the members of that team afterwards, since that might just turn nasty.

It’s kind of ironic, that Bristol got eliminated the week she wasn’t even at the bottom of the leaderboard, and I hate to say it, but her dance was actually pretty good.  But as I said last week, her treatment of Mark probably cost her most of her votes outside the Tea Party, and they aren’t as strong as they once were.  So she’s gone, and the quality of the show as a whole goes up a notch, but one wonders how often they can actually do “guilty pleasures” week, since so many people have the same guilty pleasures.  Still, two times is probably fine, and it’ll certainly be very, very good dancing to guilty pleasure music this time around.


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