Dancing With the Stars, All-Stars Season, Week 6

Unfortunately thanks the the power continually blinking out in my house and sending my cable box awry before going out completely a little after 9:30 Monday night and not coming back until the next afternoon I haven’t seen all the numbers from this week, and I wasn’t able to vote, but I did get to see a good deal.  Including, of course, the first perfect score of the season, and it’s probably insensitive to say this after what followed, but I have to admit, I find it weird that it was that particular dance by Sabrina & Louis that finally broke through.  Any other season and sure, that could be a first 30, and certainly she didn’t deserve to be sent home for it!  But here I had to ask what made it stand out from all the other brilliant routines we’ve seen already.

It was merely a coincidence of timing, of course, and one that made me wish Apolo and Karina had performed earlier; that number would’ve been really worthy of it.  Or Melissa and Tony’s might of been, though it seemed Carrie Ann insisted on disagreeing anyway.  An especially remarkable number considering poor Tony had to go on when no doubt his mind was far more on his family left in the path of Sandy(Maks I assume can similarly be praised, but thanks to my cable box I missed him and Kirsti):

Also when it came down to Sabrina & Louis and Apolo and Karina, I actually wondered if maybe too many of those voting hadn’t seen the latter due to the power failing, since they’d performed later; they were literally the last I saw before my power left for the night; if they’d gone I would’ve been really mad at the chosen dance order.  But it seems as if Sabrina just can’t win on Week 6.  It’s enough to make you wonder if there isn’t a little too much voting to the worse dancers on the show, but what can you do?


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