On further consideration of this Disney-Star Wars affair…

I have a few questions:

Why did Lucas do it?  It wasn’t for the money, since he’s already given that away to charity.  Was it maybe because he knew if he held out until he died, Lucasfilm would then be sold off anyway, and this way it would be sold on his own terms?

What happens to the Clone Wars series currently running on cartoon network?  Does it finish its intended run, get ended early, get moved to the Disney Channel, or what?

Who’s going to be in charge of Episode VII?  Apparently Lucas said somewhere the torch is getting passed on, so it’s going to be someone else, but that doesn’t necessarily meant someone good.  But it might; as everyone’s said, The Avengers was fine in the hands of Joss Whedon.  He may be a little too busy to take on another project, though.

How much of the EU will they include?  I certainly wouldn’t blame them for ignoring the recent stuff, but at the very least they have to have Mara Jade(who plays her?).  What about Admiral Thrawn?  He could be cool.

Will there be any promotional acts on Dancing With the Stars?  It may not be as easy to come up with one as it was with the Muppets, where you just get them to do a musical number, but they could probably think up something?  Maybe some more routines done to the music? (Imperial Paso Doble?)

Better yet, will there be any Muppet-themed promotions?  It wouldn’t even be the first time the Muppets have met the characters from Star Wars; they appeared on the Muppet show in its final season.


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