Dancing With the Stars, All-Star Season, Week 8

Unfortunately I am starting to get the impression that which dances this season get the 30s is partly by chance and partly by which dances offend noone, neither of which is good grounds for a 30.  The latter is especially bad, as it excludes the more daring and memorable dances.  On the other hand, Melissa and Tony, if their first dance didn’t stand out in this talented a crowd, did stand out with their trio with Henry Bylikov:

Now that’s a 30.

In fact, the pros mostly did a lot better with the trio numbers than they did last season; they all seemed to have a better idea what they were doing, and only Kirsti, Max, and Louis still relied heavily on getting one of the pros off the stage for lengths of time they way most of the dances had during the first time round.    I didn’t actually see the results show Tuesday night, and in fact didn’t learn the results until fairly late Wednesday morning, but even if Kirsti did hands down have her best dance in the initial round, it was time for her to go even before that trio number was way more than anyone could overlook.  The couple that went with her and Maks on the other hand, we knew it was going to be a big loss but even so.  Gilles & Peeta going down early in the marathon last week was a surprise, but who would’ve thought it would lead to this result, especially when they were given time to recover from it?  Everyone figured they’d make up for it this week.  But they didn’t by enough.  There too went my theory of a repeat of that season’s final.  In fact, Melissa is now the only remaining contestant that hasn’t won already.

I suppose this really makes Shawn the undisputed favorite, and quite frankly, at the moment that’s quite irritating following that borderline offensive trio number which highlighted too how unfair it is that Shawn is getting both Derek and Mark to work for her; what can compete with that?  Except when Derek seems unable to keep himself from getting too adventurous choreographing trio  sambas; this is the second time in as many times they’ve done trios that he’s failed to choreograph an actual samba!


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