Dancing With the Stars, All-Star Season, Week 9

Mixed reactions from the show just now:

Maybe the producers finally threw one at the couples they genuinely had difficulty pulling off; there are only so many exotic dances one can demand before the slipups start.  And really, it’s just not nice asking them to combine things that don’t combine easily.  Even if it can make some of their dances more entertaining, it makes others of them weaker, and the good dancing is supposed to be what this season has going for it, so that’s bad.

Can we have that Indian dance on the show again, though?  That was cool.

Except that when Len mentioned the polka to Kelly and Val, I suddenly found myself thinking that as far as I know, they’ve never had the polka on Dancing With the Stars.  They officially need to do that sometime within the next few years.

And more recorded music as maybe the plugging for the Michael Jackson release goes a little too far.  But when the first number performed is that Argentine Tango of Tony and Melissa’s which you feel might have lost some of its perfection if the house band had been involved, it has to be said that recorded music might not necessarily be weaker, after all.  It is different, though, and should be handled with care.

How the hell did Kelly & Val’s rumba not get at least one 10?  Maybe not a perfect 30, but it should’ve gotten one from someone.  That’s sad.

I can’t even comprehend losing two more of these couples tomorrow…


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