What I am Thankful For

That I have a job, it’s in a place I like with people I like and the pay is more than decent, and it’s been renewed for at least one more year with the optimism of going further than that.

That my family are now all on good terms with each other.

That Romney lost.

That the autumn has been so beautiful, and there are still splashes of color outside my window.

That Ashley Wagner is currently killing it, and that Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje have developed into the superartists they are, whether they ever get properly rewarded for it or not.

That Andy Murray finally won his slam, plus the Olympics, and that Roger Federer won a slam too.

That The Avengers gave me a new character to fangirl and couple to ship, my first in years, and The Hunger Games a new universe to be interested in.

That putting Ian’s pod by my dresser has finally gotten him to stop raiding my drawers.

That Dancing With the Stars has been so much fun to watch, and Melissa and Kelly both made the final.


One thought on “What I am Thankful For

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