As I am too lackadaisical to blog about my Australian Open reactions tonight(especially with that whole business with Brian Baker being just so painful), I am instead posting videos of the three skaters next week’s big events have lost this week. First Alissa’s withdrawal became official, so in memory of her second and greater National title:

Then we lost Isabella Tobias & Deividas Stagniunas, in what so far is feeling spookily similar to what happened to him and his last partner after she too was denied Lithuanian citizenship, when they couldn’t have gone to the Olympics anyway with her injured. One hopes they won’t now do anything rash. From their first Europeans:

But they were both injured before this week began. Today came the truly unexpected blow, when Nathalie Pechalat & Fabian Bourzat pulled out of Europeans with a new injury, and one not to be scoffed at. Still, we can hope this one is truly only a blip in their careers. Meanwhile, from that same Europeans, where they won their first title:


One thought on “Withdrawals

  1. I liked all three. what a loss. But I admit I especially liked the third, with the Zhivago music and it seemed to me the dance had different kinds of steps. The romance gestures were appealing too.

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