Random Mid-Week Thoughts

Watched pattern dances Sunday for the first time since couple have been allowed to pick their own music for them, watching the Novice pattern dances at US Nationals.  Kind of think it’s cheating with the couple who did their Starlight Waltz to Pirates of the Caribbean as what was pretty much a paso doble, when it was already the other pattern dance.  Quite appreciated the pair that did the  Norwegian Wood Waltz in 60s costume, and then followed it up with My Heart Will Paso Doble On, which was just funny.  Enjoyed the free dance even more, even as it distracted me from Obama getting sworn in, if only because I didn’t get to see much of the junior dance competition.

Caught the tail end of the Junior Pairs free today, on the other hand, and loved seeing Britney Simp0son & Matthew Blackmer do so well after the JGP disappointments.  Jessica Calalang & Zack Sidhu too, though I didn’t arrive home in time for them.  But poor Madeline Aaron & Max Settlage.  Her brother talking them up on how prepared they were and that terrible skate happening anyway because it does sometimes and them so miserable afterwards.  Hope it doesn’t cost them a Junior Worlds spot.

But why in the Junior Ladies event so late? *sigh*

Speaking of the inaugural, I admit I tend to be cynical about politicians making speeches.  But I did notice a very strong reaction on Twitter, and even before then I recognized the emotional significance, to Obama acknowledging LGBT people and even advocating for their equal rights in his speech.  The rest of us he advocates for will wait until he actually does something, but there, it’s still been so little time that’s becoming acceptable that bringing them into the speech is doing something.

Haven’t watched nearly enough tennis this week, scared of Sharapova, a little sad for Serena, coming dangerously close to liking Stan Wawrinka again.


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