Taking a week to come down…

A few last observations:

I wonder now if there was ever really much hope of three spots in Sochi for the U.S. men, which of course would now require a bit of a miracle(if there were enough mistakes, I could actually see Max Aaron & Ross Miner going 6-7 in some order, but things would have to go exactly right).  But if we lose any chance of it in the ladies because Gracie Gold cracks, the blame ought to be on Phil Hersh & NBC for pushing her too hard.

I did finally find some appreciation for Jeremy’s “Bring Him Home” long.  But I still miss Exogenesis.  On the other hand, I may watch the gala broadcast tomorrow just to see his Philip Philips number in HD!

We really all will miss Serena Williams, should there come a time when Viktoria Azarenka stands in her place.  Say what you will about Serena; she’s no cheater.

And in conclusion, why did I not know until today that Alisa Aagfonova & Alpar Ucar were doing their short dance this year to “Fairytale”?


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