Oscar Eve

Night before the Oscars, and I’ve managed to see three of the contenders.  There’s a chance I might go to see Silver Linings Playbook tomorrow, but probably not.  I can cheer for Jennifer Lawrence anyway.  Thoughts on categories where I’ve seen more than one nominee:

Best Picture: Seen Lincoln, Les Miserables, & Argo.  Les Miserables as a movie isn’t very good.  The other two are, but I can’t help but think Lincoln as Oscarbait is a bit too pandering.  Of the three of them, Argo is the only one that seems to put being a movie first, so I suppose I’ll cheer for that.  But even there I suspect the movies I didn’t see were better anyway.  And meanwhile, I kind of wish Brave had been nominated.  I suppose it probably wouldn’t have won, but still.

Best Actor: Seen Daniel Day-Lewis & Hugh Jackman.  Obviously the former is going to win and nobody who saw him should have any objection to that, right?

Best Supporting Actor: Seen Alan Arkin and Tommy Lee Jones.  Both were good.  Leaning towards Arkin, but not sure that’s simply because I’ve seen him more recently.  Kind of afraid Christopher Waltz will win, which would be, like, really, again?

Best Supporting Actress: Seen Anne Hathaway and Sally Field.  Hathaway had better win.  If I snap the TV off in anger tomorrow night, it won’t be at the end of the ceremony; it will be because Hathaway has lost.

Cinematography: Seen Anna Karenina, Lincoln, & Skyfall. Suspect Life of Pi might have been better than them all anyway, but cheering for Anna Karenina because that movie should’ve get more tech trophies than it probably will(and Knightly should’ve been nominated too).

Costume Design: Seen Anna Karenina, Les Miserables, & Lincoln.  Cheering for Anna Karenina again this time with the thought it probably deserves it better, but if either of the Snow White films somehow wins I will crack up.

Editing: Seen Argo & Lincoln.  Pretty sure Argo deserves this one.

Makeup: Seen The Hobbit & Les Miserables.  Have to cheer for The Hobbit here.

Music: Heard Anna Karenina, Argo, Lincoln, & Skyfall.  Only really noticed the score in Argo Skyfall; going with the former because the latter had help from outside the movie.  Wish The Hunger Games had been nominated.

Song: Heard “Skyfall” and “Suddenly.”  Of course it seems they’re finally performing the nominated songs again, but until then, hard to believe any of them can be better than Adele.  Even if they might feel the need to give is to Les Mis anyway.

Production Design: Seen Anna Karenina, The Hobbit, Les Miserables, Lincoln.  Maybe I will cheer for Anna Karenina over The Hobbit here.  Or maybe I’ll change my mind after posting this.  I’ve changed this several times while writing these sentences!

Sound Editing: Seen Argo Skyfall.  Kind of going with the latter here, but not sure I’m really in a position to judge.

Sound Mixing: Seen Argo, Les Miserables, Lincoln, & Skyfall.  See previous category.

Visual Effects: Seen The HobbitThe Avengers.  Cheering for the latter simply because it’s the movies only nomination.

Adapted Screenplay: Seen ArgoLincoln.  The former is better formed as a screenplay, but suspect the other three might be better still…


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