Dorothy Hamill!

I admit the new season of Dancing With the Stars wasn’t even on my radar until I saw a commercial Sunday night during the Oscars(why couldn’t Tom Bergeron have hosted?).  But when I checked the case list during my lunch break today I was unexpectedly delighted.  I definitely did not expect to see Dorothy Hamill on the show, but now she’s not only there, she’s dancing with Tristan McManus!  I officially want them to win really badly.  Plus we even have a new pro surnamed Savchenko(who’s saddled with a Real Housewife, poor dude), which will always make me think of a certain pairs skater.

I think the favorites right now, though, may be Mark and Aly Raisman(you knew they’d get one of the gymnasts after they all showed for Shawn last season), though that could quickly change, depending on how good the football player is and/or how much Derek’s got to work with from Kellie Pickler.  Meanwhile Cheryl gets a comedian, Kym gets a soap star, Valentin gets the Disney Channel star, and Maks may be moving on, which is sad, but Julianne did it and Edyta did it, and I think it’s about time fans just accept that pros move on and disowning the show over it is just petty and demanding too much of people you’ve never met.  Though hopefully Anna and Louis come back next season; they’ll be missed too.  Interesting to hear Chelsea was “not invited back” and may be done.  I can’t help but wonder how much of that stemmed from her reaction to the election results; saying you’re going to leave the country because Obama was reelected probably isn’t very good for ratings, even for a red-state show; it has too much of the reputation for being crazy.  It’s not nice of me, but I have to admit I’m relieved myself she’s gone.  Though one of the new pros is from Utah, but given how many ballroom dancers are, I guess that’s unavoidable.


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