Worlds, Day 2

Following the ladies short from my computer at work today, crabby because our shared drives had malfunctioned and undone a whole lot of work I’d done on them *again,* I was initially very upset when I realized Gold and Wagner were not going to finish the night in three-spots position, and even if the latter could easily pass the two skaters just ahead of her in the free, the three skaters right behind her could even more easily pass her.  But then I considered first poor Elene Gedevanishvili, not even making the free, though in her case her chances of qualifying for Sochi at Nebelhorn are pretty good, and then the Russian ladies, now needing some major comebacking to get three spots, and when their field was already shaping up to be far more of a bloodbath than the American ladies field would be with three. That really is a damn shame.  Puts Gold & Wagner’s plight into perspective.  Still, I’m going to be a wreck trying to watch Saturday night.

At least I properly enjoyed watching the short dance tonight, though I was anxious for Weaver & Pojé, but they seem to be doing fine.  But now my twitter feed all seem to be of the opinion that the judging was an outrage, while all spouting different claims of how it was an outrage, some of which contradict each other.  Pechalat & Bourzat deserve to be ahead of Bobrova & Soloviev , or behind Weaver & Pojé, or W&P don’t deserve to be put so high above Chock & Bates, or C&B are scored to high anyway.  So…yeah.  I think I’m just going to be happy Sara Hurtado & Adria Diaz got into the free, and I’d embed their short dance here, but there isn’t a vid available yet that I know of, so instead have a pair of Brits that I’m also very happy for:


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