I Would Merely Like to Point a Few Things Out

Concerning how the now three-time and reigning World Champion in Men’s Figure Skating was scored tonight.

He was properly penalized for straight -3s for both jumps he fell on, as well as semi-penalized for the three-jump.  Most of his +3s came on his early elements, especially his quads, which really were that beautiful.  He received slightly lower PCS than he often does; he got no 10s.  He PCS were two points higher than Denis Ten’s.  His tariff was three points higher.  He did two quads.  Denis Ten did one.

Should Denis Ten have won?  Yeah, probably.  The fact that so many of the skaters themselves are pissed off indicates there’s a definite problem.  But please do not going yelling that Chanada cheated or Patrick Chan is being unfairly favored.  Neither in this case is true.  It is probable that Ten was hurt by his reputation, but his marks from the judges for all that were quite good.  The problem is, as it has been way too many times since Evgeny Plushenko’s Olympic temper tantrum, that the quad is worth too much.  Was it lowered, Ten would’ve won.  Maybe by not as much as he should’ve but he still would’ve won.

But of course people won’t admit the problem and noone will go against Plushenko.  So we will continue to have this.


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