Dancing With the Stars, Season 16, Week 3

Some of the gags were fun, but Prom Night was not the most effective theme this show has ever had; there were only so many variations of it(of course, I’m speaking as someone whose prom had the music playing way too loud and a boyfriend who couldn’t stand loud music, so we ended up retreating out to the bushes.  Someone should’ve done that storyline).  Still, even if the other couple to do a very similar dance edged him and Lindsey out in terms of quality, it was nice to a celebrity who might have been the one who got a reprieve last week actually make really good use of it to come into his own:

Though really, Jacoby and Karina stole the show, even if they didn’t beat Derek and Kellie. After all, we saw which one of them got a crown the following night; the ladies might have been a little better than the men but it was only partly the competition they had; it was simply that Jacoby more or less blew the other guys out.
Okay, the other couple that might’ve gotten the reprieve made use of it too, and certainly Gleb is making good use of this season gathering female fans. Perhaps he will have to thank Lisa for that. And of course once DL & Cheryl weren’t even on the bottom we knew we were stuck with him another week(why did she look so surprised when they were declared safe? It was a shock last week, but this week the circumstances were very different). So Wynnona and Tony went instead, and though it’s sad to lose two such great people, they just weren’t delivering on the dance floor.
Year in the life personal stories next week, which can be a hit or miss affair. Unfortunately, this cast is still one more prone to misses than hits.


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