Dancing With the Stars, Season 16, Week 4

And finally we’re getting an improvement in overall quality level; all the dances this week were either technically decent or had enough performance that they didn’t need to be, and though the celebrities didn’t necessarily didn’t stick to well to the “year” concept(for which it’s hard to blame them; sometimes life just doesn’t divide itself conveniently into years like that), their personal stories mostly came across as touching rather than cheesy.  Even Andy and Sharna finding themselves dancing to a song that Derek Hough for which once choreographed a routine that it’s hard to measure up to, more or less managed to do themselves justice.  But while Zendaya and Val arguably came close, nobody really seemed to steal the show until Derek came out, armed this time not only with his usual choreographing knack, but also a husband probably happy to not have his song subjected to the tender mercies of Dancing With the Stars‘ two male singers:

It might not have been the highest-scoring routine of the week, but it was still the highlight of the night.
Mildly surprised that Lisa and Gleb went; usually injured celebrities get voted to safety, after all. But perhaps he simply couldn’t get enough female fans in time. Hope he comes back with a better partner.
Very wary of this upcoming dance-besides-the-pros idea. Fun as it’ll be to have some old faces back, I just have the feeling this is not going to end well…


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