Dancing With the Stars, Season 16, Week 5

When it feels like the standard hasn’t risen as high as it ought to at the half-way mark, even with the promise of Maks and Anna, I was not looking forward to this week.  Usually side by side dances on this show have ended with everyone’s inability to keep in sync distracting from everything.  Which is perhaps why the rules of the challenge thankfully only required 15 seconds of actual side by side dancing.

In fact, it turns out the whole thing was really more about having numbers each with only one celebrity and three pros, complete with two of them getting to open each routine up, which would therefore be numbers that had plenty of awesome dancing and give people the chance to be creative in how they included a second couple in the dance:

That was far more fun than the original Lady Marmalade quartet.

Far more fun than the original Lady Marmalade quartet.

And meanwhile, it gave us nice things we always like to have, such as both the Chermkovskiy brothers on the dance floor together, which is especially delightful when they and their ladies are doing a number that noone besides Len would’ve minded had it bagged straight tens, but never mind:

Though which one is Holmes, and which one is Watson?

Though which one is Holmes, and which one is Watson?

Also Peta possibly with Chelsie’s aid hitting on the idea of aping a professional dance competition, since a challenge involving multiple couples on the floor really is perfect for that, Aly & Mark performing hours after someone bombed her hometown, Jacoby and Karina more or less earning the encore(though it probably didn’t hurt to ask for it), and Andy Dick following in the footsteps of another comedian from the show’s history(while so far being much less annoying than said comedian) by taking his turn as Zorro:

No unicycle but it'll do.

No unicycle but it’ll do.

But really, I could post pictures from all the quartets here; they were all good.  Kudos to all the extra pros doing multiple numbers longer than is usual on Dancing With the Stars, particularly Emma Slater, who did four of them!  Someone give that lady a slot as a pro partner next season pronto.

And the delight even continued into the next night, where we managed to get rid of DL(a pleasant surprise; after week 2 I despaired of losing him within a reasonable amount of time).  Oh, and brought all the pros out for one of the better results show numbers in the show’s history:

Because really, the more of these guys, the better.

Because really, the more of these guys, the better.

This hasn’t been the best of seasons, but this was a good week.


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