Dancing With the Stars, Season 16, Week 6

Loose thoughts from Stevie Wonder Week:

One might think that when a week’s theme is centered around a certain singer, and said singer is performing on the show, of course he’s going to sing his own songs while the couples dance to them.  That he didn’t I suspect was probably because of some practical concern, though I admit I have no idea how his health is or anything like that.  In any case, it actually wasn’t that bad a call, at least if you remember Motown Week a couple of season back, and how annoying it was to have to sit through the singers before the dancers were allowed to come on.  If people had been forced to sit through that with it being the same dude shown every time, no matter how cool said guy might be it only makes it worse.

I remember reading once that Carrie Ann had gotten criticism for judging the competition when she has no ballroom experience, but her judgment of Kellie and Derek is the first time I’ve seen that be a real problem.  It shouldn’t have been, though; even if her years and years of experience judging celebrity ballroom dancing hadn’t taught her not to criticize a couple for something that couldn’t be helped, hearing both Len and Bruno tell her they couldn’t have done it better shoud’ve let her to defer to their judgement there and no penalize Kellie and Derek out of the season’s first perfect 30.

Not sure, either, how I fell about Sean and Peta turning him into a sex object.  Normally that’s just par for the celebrities of both sexes on this show, but I’ve seen too much sexualizing of girls from the abstinence movement who apparently are the only people who don’t own their own sexuality.   Of course it’s not the same thing with a guy, and so far on this show at least Sean’s been okay, hasn’t been preaching or proselytizing at all, but still…

Have never liked the team dances and hated when they’ve screwed the with the leaderboard, but I suspect Victor and Lindsey would’ve gone home anyway.  Given how much earlier they might have gone home, it doesn’t feel that sad.


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