Dancing With the Stars, Season 16, Week 7

Having the ability to win immunity on Dancing With the Stars is certainly something that could’ve saved a deserving couple or two in the past, but employed as it was this week, I’m afraid it felt kind of pointless.  After all, what were the odds Kellie and Derek wouldn’t have been safe anyway even without it?  And meanwhile, we got into an uncomfortable spot when their scores tied with Aly & Mark’s, leaving us with no idea who would get the immunity until Tom thought to divulge the tiebreaker info.  And then it was kind of the wrong couples that got the immunity, since if one had to choose, one might say that even if they got the same score, Aly & Mark were maybe a bit more fun than Kellie and Derek.  It’s no coincidence they landed the enscore:

Between those two couples and Zendaya and Val, get ready for the Finale to be a Hough-Ballas-Chermkovskiy battle, and which one of them will win is anyone’s guess, especially when the most talented dancer seems to be paired with the least experienced partner, though that’s relatively speaking when the competition is Mark and Derek.
Meanwhile, we get two guys who actually were pretty good in conveying the character of the rumba, but in Latin dance, if you can’t get your hips right, the judges will not like you. Even if, in Sean’s case, it felt more genuine when his hips were clumsy, and a relief to see that after last week. Perhaps why Ingo and Kym ended up in the bottom two instead, since of course one of them had to, but while we all may love Andy & Sharna, it genuinely was time for the them to go.


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