Dancing With the Stars, Season 16, Week 8

It is definitely the summer; even Dancing With the Stars has gotten into the sequel act!

Seriously, it was actually pretty cool of Derek to link the two dances together like that. It was a little annoying that he took Tristan off the floor for a period, but at least it wasn’t too long a one. Between this and a riveting number on the results show he had a very good week:

Though if one believes Len, Derek has never choreographed a trio number to match the assigned dance. But he was more right the first two times than this one, and really, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the judges get quite this riled at each other before. This may have course been also partly the culmination of them being at each other’s throats all night; it seemed for every dance one of them disapproved and left the other two dismayed. If this continues next week we’ll have to worry what happens when Tom Bergeron runs out of quips for the situation.

The exception being, meanwhile, the one dance that has finally bagged the season’s only perfect thirty so far, and it was one more or less worthy of it, too; if Maks unfortunately was not eligible for the trios being neither an eliminated pro nor dance troupe member, well, it was just another chance for Gleb Savchenko to get screentime, and he sufficed well enough. In fact, I enjoyed all three of the trios with female celebrities than the three “dude with two hot chicks” number which when piled on top of each other were very annoying indeed. The intentions might have been noble when it was declared the trios must “showcase” the celebrity, but that was a very unfortunate effect.

Earlier, I had actually been mildly surprised, though, that Jacoby and Karina hadn’t gotten any tens for a number I thought could have easily earned that first perfect score, and when I *hate* “It’s a Man’s World.”  Wonder if his mother felt a new to have a word with any of the judges after the show…and down below, Sean might have beaten Ingo last week, but after Andy was no longer there to take the fall instead of them this was the week where it counted, and the saner kind of suspense was taken out of the results show when Ingo and Kym were declared safe immediately.  Still I did wonder for a moment about Kellie and Derek, since this is the part of the season where he suffers shock eliminations sometimes.  One wonders if ABC was trying to throw us and make us wildly speculate, since they didn’t name a bottom two, and I would assume Ingo and Kym were probably still the other half of it, but if they’d been standing next to Sean and Peta at the end the result would’ve still been very predictable.  That’s the only explanation I can think of for their shenanigans Tuesday night.

Five couples in the semi-finals, so I suppose that might be a double elimination.  It’ll be hard to lose the second of the two couples that must go…


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