May not be up to fully commenting on Dancing With the Stars this week

Suffice to say this week is not going well for me at all.  Too bad, because it was such a great week for the show.  But even that is at least a little overshadowed by the announcement ABC made about doing away with the results show next year.

On one hand, with the ratings down, I understand why.  They’ve always had the problem with the results show that it’s more or less a whole hour of filler for a brief announcement of one ultimate result.  And maybe the show has gotten a little overbloated the past couple of years, especially with the spike in ratings Bristol brought with her.  But on the other, I’m wary of a format that doesn’t give the viewers time to properly vote based on the events of the week; that felled at least one skater who didn’t deserve such a misfortune on Skating With the Stars.  It disconnects the votes from the results and makes you feel less connected to the show.  Also, we probably won’t get numbers like this anymore:

Allow me to be at least a little sad about that…


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