A few Grand Prix assignment reactions

I haven’t really had much reaction to the Grand Prix assignments so far, if only because I’ve had some pretty heavy real-life related events this week.  But a some scattered thoughts:

One really gets the feeling of how crazily stuffed the ladies field is these days looking at that roster.  All six fields have some depth to them, and all but possibly China & France have a feeling with them that save one or two lower ranked contenders any of the ladies currently on the roster could medal should they by the one to deliver.  And the empty spots at Skate America and Rostelecom Cup might even deliver up extra contenders as well.

Though Yu-Na still looks good enough to win both her events, as does Carolina, even if they make a mistake or two.  Mao it feels like has less wiggle room.

I’m reserving judgement on Evan Lysacek and Evgeny Plushenko until the former actually shows up to compete at an event, or the latter can give us some confidence that his body will allow him to.

No comment on Kovtun getting two events, and Voronov and Menshov one each.  Just…none.  Which one gets the empty host spot, I wonder?

Chan must be so happy he escaped Fernandez this time. 😀

Nice to see some of the ice dance teams breaking onto the circuit(especially Paul & Islam getting back on), but at the same time, there need to be a few more slots so a few of them can get a second assignment without waiting for people to drop out.

Looks like China will be the only certain ice dance event with a real competition for gold, though no doubt Pechalat & Bourzat fans(and Igor Shpilband) and Weaver & Pojé fans will hope France and Russia respectively are too.  The latter’s probably got a better chance of it than the former, but don’t underestimate Shpilband(or Didier Gailhauget)


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