Wow, Serena

I must admit, my feelings for you are mixed anyway.  But this one, I think, is a severe disappointment to most of us who follow tennis and have a basic sense of decency.  One would think with your history, you’d know better, to say nothing of your general show of support for your fellow women-if, of course, you can identify with them.  Apparently you can’t identify with a kid who ended up in a situation you clearly believe you would never end up in, and then…

And now comes the apology, you say?  I don’t think this one can be mended that easily.  I haven’t read the article-I don’t want to waste that kind of time on you right now, but how the hell that one can be taken out of context or twisted I can’t think.  And reaching out to the girl’s family?  Big assumption on your part they want to hear it.  I wouldn’t.

I don’t know whether all the women in the world who think the same way you do makes this better or worse.  It’s still bad, either way.



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