Three days of Wimbleweird

Just as well I’m going away tomorrow; these last three days at Wimbledon have been enough for anybody!  I’ve lost track of the upsets and injuries both, one of my favorite two players is out when he really should not be yet, and I don’t even have Ovie and MaKiri to cheer me up.  Maybe the tournament will start making sense on the big Monday, when I’ll be back.  Until then, a few thoughts:

If the All-England Club really is knowingly letting the players go onto slippier grass than usual and then denying it in the statement they released today…well, it makes you wish this event wasn’t so venerated.  The sad thing is they’ll probably get away with it unless Mandy or Laura Robson falls victim.

Roger losing in the second round of a slam actually per se isn’t a terrible thing, simply because it’s something we all knew was going to happen sooner or later, and in recent months it was looking more and more like a sooner thing rather than a later thing.  But that it was at Wimbledon stings a little, and that it was to sexist asshole Sergei Stakhovskiy is worse.  I really hope he’s gone by the time I come back…

Listening to the ESPN commentators say Roger could play until he was 40, meanwhile, I wonder if maybe he really could by switching to doubles.  And then I want him and Venus Williams to play mixed doubles together at Wimbledon at least once.  It might just be one last slam title for the both of them.

And apparently now Mandy has the easier path to the final than Nole, but really, I don’t think anyone ought to rely on anything from that sort of thing anymore.

For the other big upset of today, on the other hand, I find it intensely amusing that Maria Sharapova was knocked out by one of the few players as loud as her.  Actually, between her losing strangely to Michelle Larcher de Brito today and her continually losing to Serena, maybe being as loud as her is the secret to beating her?  Great match too, even if the audience probably all needed an ear doctor at least after the very last points.

So much for the Americans; after Monday it was starting to look like having all-American matches in the first round was in fact the only way to get any Americans into the second, though thankfully on the second day this changed a bit and not just because Serena started her tournament.  Hey, at least Alison Riske has now won somewhere other than Birmingham, though Ursula Radwanska will probably be a harder opponent.  Though I’m also now hoping Sloan Stephens can at least get past Marion Bartoli for the semifinals.  Hell, the way things are going this week, the final isn’t impossible, though being pitted against Serena will probably lead to some ugly comments from reporters and such.


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