What a Tournament!

Haven’t been able to watch as much Wimbledon this past week as I was the first three days, but I’ve been able to follow the crazy from work.    So much for it all making sense again on Monday.  Instead the tennis gods upended up with the one upset we still weren’t able to believe would happen.  I remember Wednesday one person wrote he wouldn’t be surprised if Serena was abducted by aliens-but that was still seen as more likely to happen than her losing.  Though once she crashed out and Aga Radwanska survived, I actually figured okay, this would be A-Rad’s slam.  Then today…

I did get to watch much of ESPN this morning, where I admit, I got kind of tired about hearing about Sabine Lisicki’s smile.  I bet we wouldn’t have heard so much about it had she been a man.  We still didn’t seem to learn much from them really about her or Flipkens, and while with Flipkens it seemed not to matter that much in the end, with Sabine it still may.  Though my money is now on Bartoli, especially after seeing her display this morning.  I’ve seen her live; she has a determination to win about her, and when she reaches a slam final without a Williams sister I can’t see her not taking advantage.

Not daring to assume anything about the men at this point.  At this point it would defy the expectations of this tournament if Nole and Andy did both make the final!  Though Andy did arguably defy the trend yesterday, when he obviously was supposed to go down to Verdasco and refused to.  In earlier years, he probably would have, and Nole would probably be out by now too, but now let’s see if they’ve really grown out of that.


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