In Memoriam

I’ve never properly watched Glee. I probably never will. But I’ve watched a lot of clips on YouTube, especially these past two days, mostly of the musical numbers. And I have listened to the music, and loved a good deal of it. Mostly skaters’ exhibitions, though I’ve run up against it in other places too. So the first time I ran up against Cory Monteith(I think), he, amoung others, was accompanying Alissa Czisny on Improv Ice. Until yesterday, I would know nothing about the context in which “Don’t Stop Believin'” was used on the show, but it doesn’t surprise to hear it was used to introduce it and bring all the viewers in; long after I’d forgotten what everyone else in that show skated to, I remembered that cover. No wonder more than one other skater chose it for a show program, and when two of his fellow Canadians did, watching them skate to it helped make me a fan of theirs. So in memory of Cory Monteith, I post him, Lea Michele, more of the cast, Meagan Duhamel, & Eric Radford:

RIP, Cory. Thank you for the music.

ETA: Managed to find a version with decent sound and less commentator babbling.

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