An Idea

So lately, at times, I’ve been wondering if I want to go on with This Week in Figure Skating when I’m aware I’m not vocally suited to such a thing without any video, and though I suppose I could just put the videos on Vimeo, the truth is I don’t want to take the time out to do the long videos while I’m working; I like having the weekends too much. But meanwhile, I’ve also discovered both back when I did the videos and now that what I really enjoy most about the whole process is immersing myself in the scoring protocols and working out a narrative of competitions from there. Meanwhile, I’ve occasionally found myself ranting on Twitter when everyone else is decrying the scores someone got and not taking very much of a look at the protocols, trying to explain what just happened.
So now I am considering starting a new video series:. It would be called “How The **** Did They Get Those Scores Anyway?!” and in it I would combine video and narrative and probably some overlaid numbers to explain how a certain skater scored as they did, or how two scores happened in relation to each other, or something like that. Shorter video and fewer videos used would take less time to make and be less likely to be blocked on YouTube(and I could check to see if there are bots scanning for particular performances beforehand), and I would be more confident of my ramblings being understandable. It would also be easier on my schedule, especially as I wouldn’t feel the need to get it done by 10 PM Sunday every week.
On the other hand, there’s a lot I would miss reporting on. So I don’t know right now.


One thought on “An Idea

  1. FWIW, I like the idea. Try it. Chose just a couple of videos — the videos bring watcher/listeners. You’d enjoy it and if you could write it wryly enough, it’d amuse.

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