Free tickets to Citi Open Qualifying

Went with my sister yesterday, getting there to claim tickets that were supposed to be sent to her job but got lost in the mail, and at some point turned out actually be tickets for day 2, but since they were tickets provided by the event sponsor, the people at the box office were very nice to us and exchanged them for that day.  The storms didn’t arrive until after we left around 4, so the only problem we had to deal with was sunburn, and when it could’ve been much hotter than it was.

Unfortunately Irina Falconi, who I had most looked forward to seeing, ended up getting a bye to the second round, so we opened the day with Jesse Levine instead, whose hop to Canada did not stop most of the crowd for cheering for him against Ukrianian opponent Denys Molchanov.  He pretty much outmatched him too, though Molchanov put up a good fight, especially in the second set, when at one point he got mad, argued with the umpire, and upped it after.  He even served for the set, though sadly got broken while doing so, and lost in the tiebreak, where he came back from a minibreak down only to abruptly double-fault on match point.  We then went into the stadium to watch the second half of the third set of Donald Young’s match; sadly he too was abruptly broken for it.

After lunch we went to watch Michelle Larcher de Brito, who with Falconi byed was pretty much the biggest name playing that day.  She eschewed screaming for that match in favor of high-pitched sighs that really weren’t very loud at all, though even when she was really sighed her breathing when she hits the ball was always audible, in such a way that makes me think that even if she taught herself to do it originally, these days for her it might be at least partially automatic.  She probably should’ve been screaming over her serve, though; she didn’t bring her best.  Lucky for her opponent Louisa Chirico wasn’t good either; after she handed Larcher de Brito the first set we didn’t stay for the second, where she apparently completely collapsed, but went back to the stadium to see Robby Ginepri, who I’d though was retired, play Rhynne Williams.  Sadly he wasn’t really a match for the younger man, though he had some good moments, especially in the second set, which included what was probably the point of the day.

After he lost we went over to the Grandstand, where Christian Harrison was serving for the match against Ilya Marchenko, though he got broken, and showed a flash of brother Ryan’s temper.  Marchenko actually had by far the loudest grunts of anyone we saw that day, and was quite expressive, especially when he lost a match point on his serve in the third-set tiebreak, which Christian Harrison then won.  Poor Marchenko, it seems he always shows up to lose to people.  At that point it was announced that the last match to take place on that court had been moved to the stadium, which made me think the last match there had been cancelled, and at that point we were both tired and sunburnt and it didn’t seem worth it to linger for what I believed was the one match still happening(this morning I learned they just let the moved match happen before the match I thought cancelled, and the latter did take place, but after the storm, and I doubt we would’ve stayed through the rain anyway), so we left, and I got home in time to watch Isner beat Hewitt on TV.  It’s definitely tennis season once again.


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