My sister’s (second) wedding

It hasn’t been the easiest of summers for our family. My dad has gone from having cancer in his esophagus to having cancer in his liver. A little more than three weeks ago, meanwhile, my sister rushed her longtime boyfriend to the hospital to learn he had very advanced cancer in his colon. So all in all, to have their wedding on schedule yesterday would seem like an exceedingly difficult task.

But thankfully, because my sister has been through the elaborate wedding before and nobody had any interest in doing that again, the affair was a low-key one where it was not considered the end of the world if the father of the bride had to watch the ceremony through skype. The groom thankfully was able to do his part once he was on his painkillers. The entire thing was done in such a way as to minimize fuss and stress, and rather than adding further strain on what happened to be a very painful day for our family, as it could have easily done, it instead provided an evening of relief for our woes and reminder of life’s joys.
My sister’s wedding clothes consisted of a purple & white sundress, the Renaissance cornet that had been the cool part of her getup from the first wedding, and a slightly sparkly shrug. Certainly not the conventional bridal wear, but very her, and she looked wonderful in it.
We dispensed with most of the conventions as well. There was no procession at all; everyone merely gathered at the in-laws’ place and when all the guests were confirmed as arrived we moseyed down, guests, bride, groom, rabbi, and all, to the picturesque porch-area the in-laws with a semi-circle suitable for a ceremony, and had photos before the rabbi ordered the couple into position and everyone else to line up and watch. The ceremony consisted of some short speechmaking by the rabbi, which acknowledged very nicely that for a couple together as long as they’d been the wedding was a continuance rather than a beginning, a short exchange of vows(they didn’t write anything), and then the longest part was when they sat down and friends and families gave them blessings, which included 17th & 18th century poetry from my mother, and a children’s poem my sister has since tweeted a musical version of, and also a Princess Bride reference. Two gifts were given during this too: shrinky-dinks and a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Then they exchanged rings and kissed, and so were married.
After that we had some mingling and dinner. Party favors on the table were a CD mix and a jar of M & Ms died purple, with a sticker the clergyman’s speech from Princess Bride on it(I had the explain these references to my mom, but still, the more Princess Bride references, the better). The flowers were also given out to take home with us; mom and I took a vase that will sit on our dining room table at least as long as the cats allow it to.
I heard at least one person say it was the best wedding she’d ever been to. I agree; I doubt I’ll ever be to better.


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