Twelve Years In

Looking at it, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised how much the world has suffered these past dozen years.  We are currently living in an age that began with mass murder.  Any time period with that kind of beginning’s bound to be a dark one.  Sometimes I’ve thought maybe our current age began earlier, with the 2000 election, but really, it began with 9/11.  The question, I suppose, is how much longer it goes on, and what signals its end.  So far I’ve yet to see any event or any other kind of marker to end the post-9/11 era.  On the calender my old co-worker left behind in the office when she retired, they label it Patriot Day, though we don’t get it off.

Unfortunately, this is a particularly ugly time for me and my family, and this week has been especially painful.  Though at the beginning of this month I decided to go back to trying to post every three days, already I am feeling the need to back away.  I won’t give up on the hope of being able to do so yet, and I will certainly to Dancing With the Stars reviews, if only because I’m writing them for my sister’s blog too now.  However, my scoring analysis vids will be discontinued for the time being, as I won’t have the time for them.

Meanwhile, to lift everyone’s spirits, have some Les Miserlightsabers:


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