Skate America Predictions

Though between one thing and another, I’ll miss quite a bit of this one…

Men: I’m going to go ahead and assume Takahashi wins this one, and I think Kozuka’s going to medal too, but I think one of the American guys can grab the bronze, at least.  I kind of think any one of them could be the one who does so, but I’m going to go with Aaron, since he’s proven pretty strong, stronger than I think many expected.  So I officially predict Takahashi, Kozuka, Aaron, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Aaron won silver and Kozuka bronze either.  But we’ll probably still enjoy Jason Brown more.

Ladies: Asada hasn’t always been consistent on the Grand Prix, but I don’t think Ashley’s going to rotate the 3-3 this time.  I think I might predict one of the Russians to win this one, but which?  But Elena seems to be at the point in her life where it’s all easier, before she starts aging, while Liza T might not find it so easy anymore.  Also, I think Asada might be good enough for silver, and if she rotates everything, Liza should be able to stay on the podium, making it Radionova, Asada, Tuktamisheva.  Poor Ashley, she did not get a good Grand Prix draw here.

Pairs: The question to me is, what state will Denney & Coughlin come back in?  I think if they weren’t coming off their layoff, they’d be more likely to medal than they are, but with three strong pairs here, I think it’s going to be Volosozhar-Trankov, Moore-Towers-Moscovitch, Berton-Hotarek.  On the other hand, this is a strong field all together, and should be a very enjoyable event if the teams generally skate well.

Ice Dance: But I do think the US is going to have two medalists in the ice dance.  Some seem to think Hubbell & Donohue might beat the Shibutanis, but I don’t think they’ve fallen that far just yet.  I do think they’ve fallen below the Italians, though, what with that rise last season, so Davis-White, Capellini-Lanotte, Shibutanis.  I’m looking forward to the Shibsibs the most, too.


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