Skate America Reactions

Well, quite a few of my predictions went kaplooie.  And maybe we all should’ve at least seen Machida as a possibility, since he nabbed the Cup of China title last year when Takahashi fumbled it, so he had this kind of win in his history already.  But really, did anyone think he was going to go and pull that one off again?  Especially when there were two higher-ranked Japanese guys who needed to fumble it for this absurd scenario to happen?  In conclusion, everyone may throw their hands up in the air when it comes to predicting which three Japanese guys will be in Sochi.  We might actually get an idea before Japanese Nationals, because the Federation is including earlier season results in their criteria, but right now there really is none.  And meanwhile, the US men aren’t in much clearer position, though I don’t know this event revealed anything not anticipated.  Rippon was never out of it, Aaron wasn’t the kind of guy who never ever made mistakes and was already getting scores high enough to piss off a few people on my Twitter feed, and Brown has only just gotten the axel; he’s still not going to hit it every time yet.

And meanwhile, Ashley defied my predictions by rotating perfect 3-3s in both programs, and still losing to Mao mostly on the tariff, through underrotations but even more because of lower levels.  That’ll be something to work on.  But hey, I was right about the Russians.  Sort of.  Curious to see some of the longs I missed because I was watching the NBC broadcast instead of looking for streams.  Actually missed almost all of the pairs too; right now I’ve only seen V&T’s two performances.  At this rate I’m starting to wonder when if they’ll max the scores out at some point and be literally unable to score higher, and what they’ll do with themselves then.

At least I got the ice dance predictions right, but I’m starting to seriously worry for the Shibutanis.  From a publicity point of view alone it would be tragic for them not to make the Olympics, but at this rate are they going to remain amoung the best three teams in the country through Nationals?  They don’t seem like they’re getting better any more, while Hubbell & Donohue are, and I’m pretty darn sure Lynn & Logan will be too under Shpilband.

Torn between amusement that so much of the audience was Japanese Trankov was giving them shoutouts and Takahashi & even Kozuka were invited to do the gala probably because of them, and sadness the locals seemed unwilling to come watch.


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