Skate Canada Predictions

Because I’m so wonderfully good at it:

Men: I don’t see Chan losing this for the second year in a row, plus his main opponent isn’t Javier Fernandez, and is Japanese, and right now Japanese men seem to be trending unpredictable.  Still, I think Hanyu and Oda could probably both beat Brezina(who has his own consistency issues, after all) and poor Jeremy, but the way Oda’s skating early this season I think he’ll surprise Hanyu by beating him, so that comes out to Chan, Hanyu, Oda.

Ladies: And with the exception of Popova(the definition of “happy to be here”) and host invite Mallet, everyone here has either medaled on the Grand Prix, or it feels like they easily could here.  Typically at Skate Canada that does not lead to a good competition.  If it comes down to consistency I might put my money on Hicks and/or Gao medaling, Lipnitskaia making few enough errors to survive.  I think she might make few enough to beat those two American girls as well, and since Hicks seems to be doing better than Gao lately I’ll predict Lipnitskaia, Hicks, Gao.

Pairs: Duhamel & Radford are looking really good for their first Grand Prix gold here, especially after Berton & Hotarek’s disappointing showing last week.  I suspect they’ll finish below Sui & Han too, and maybe even not medal again, but I’m not sure either of the two American pairs are ready to beat them yet, and I’m not ready to predict Lawrence & Swiegers ahead of them either, so that leaves me with Duhamed & Radford, Sui & Han, Berton & Hotarek.

Ice Dance: And the top are obvious, but I’m going to be daring(or maybe just wishful) and predict a home sweep: Virtue & Moir, Weaver & Pojé, Paul & Islam.


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