Cup of China Predictions

Actually going to try to get to bed early tonight, though doing the same tomorrow might be harder…

Men: So we’ve got Takahiko Kozuka, who has not been consistent lately, Denis Ten, who nearly pulled out with horrific-sounding injuries, & Florent Amodio, who is coming off a lengthy coaching change and a bad French masters.  Here’s predicting Han Yan stuns them all.  After that, I’d predict Amodio to recover the quickest, and Kozuka to maybe not be quite as bad as he was in Detroit.  So that’s Yan, Amodio, Kozuka.  Though I wouldn’t mind too much if Dornbush medaled either.

Ladies: On the other hand, I’m pretty sure Kostner’s got this one.  A little more unsure as to who takes the other two medals, but I don’t quite see Adelina S not medaling, and I’ll give Zijun Li the home ice advantage for bronze, so Kostner, Sotnikova, Li.  I’ll be more interested in how well the other two Russian girls can do, though.

Pairs: And the biggest question is actually who wins bronze.  I’ll go with Scimeca & Knierim, since I expect they’re going to have a season where they get better throughout, and the rest of the field competing for it is way inconsistant, so making the normal assumptions for the top two that comes out to Savchenko & Szolkowy, Pang & Tong, Scimeca & Knierim.

Ice Dance: But this one it’s who wins gold, French or Russians?  I’ve heard the whispers Bobrova & Soloviev are about to be politicked past Pechalat & Bourzat and were at Worlds, but I don’t think they really were at Worlds, where they put up a free dance score the French would’ve beaten had they skated clean.  And it’s not like the French federation can’t politick.  So for now, let’s make it Pechalat & Bourzat, Bobrova & Soloviev, Chock & Bates(that last one, at least, looks obvious).  In any case, I’m really looking forward to that Little Prince free dance.


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