Cup of China Reactions

And yet another Cup of China where the vast majority of the skaters didn’t skate very well.  Is it the air quality in the place, as Johnny suggested on NBC today?  Maybe the ice quality?

Next question: therefore, should we read anything in the bad performances of any given skaters?  Should we consider the race for Olympic bronze in ice dance more complicated because neither of the two would-be top contenders for it impressed?  Should we think Carolina might go back into decline?  Should we rule out Florent Amodio for at least the rest of the fall(well, his woes weren’t just here, so….)

On the other hand, it does make skaters who did well all the more impressive, especially non-Chinese ones.  After all the controversy and backlash Maxim Kovtun was subjected to last year, he made a statement here, one that could punch his ticket for Sochi if Plushenko can’t manage it.  As did the new Chinese pair, though Chinese skaters might be used to these conditions anyway.

Kind of weird for Pang & Tong to be skating to “I Dreamed a Dream” four years after “The Impossible Dream,” especially when you still get the impression the dreams all came true in Vancouver and they don’t have any left on the ice anymore.  Still, even with bad jumps, the program’s beautiful.  Same went for Savchenko & Szolkowy’s Pas de Deux.  It’s a pity the Germans are indifferent to their results here, since it would be quite reassuring to everyone, I think, if they put out a top quality skate before the Olympics and got 150 to match V&T with.  If they skated clean, I really think they’d get that, especially considering with multiple mistakes this weekend they still broke 130.

For my predictions, well, I was right about Han Yan!  Go me!

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