NHK Reactions

With my sleep patterns officially completely thrown off…

I was torn earlier, but now I officially want the Olympic team to be Jeremy and Adam.  None of the other men are indicating they’re that likely to be any better on the ice on Sochi.  And if Evan does show up at Nationals, they better not just hand him a spot over those two.

Thinking Takahashi, Oda, & Hanyu would make a good line-up for Japan as well, but really, they just need to include Takahashi.  He may miss sometimes, but when he’s on, only Hanyu can compare, and even he doesn’t quite reach Daisuke’s beauty yet.

Also, it has officially turned tragic that China failed to keep three spots for this year, and then all three of their top pairs came out so strong this year.

I’d wonder more about Gracie’s spot on the team, except she still has her technical advantage, plus it’s not like anyone’s really emerging as more likely than her or Ashley to finish in the top two(not that one of the many ladies supposedly contending for the third spot might not finish higher; it just doesn’t seem very likely).  Regarding her tweet, I really don’t think she’s worse than an ignorant idiot, but she should’ve apologized quickly.

I’d love to see Mirai rally and win the bronze at Nationals, especially after her handling this weekend’s tech problems, but this is starting to look tragic.

Happy to see the Shibutanis take bronze, not sure what to think about the Russians aside from B &S after this.

Outside NHK, haven’t seen Plushenko’s program yet, but getting worried hearing about the reaction.  One hopes that if it’s as bad as they say, it won’t beat Chan in Sochi.  We all know what happens when Canadians think they deserve gold and lose to the Russians…


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