Trophée Eric Bompard Predictions

Getting these in at the super last minute…

Men: Weird feeling Hanyu’s going to beat Chan for this one, so that just leaves the bronze.  Given how Amodio’s skating lately, I think we can rule him out, so that leaves Brezina & Yan.  Given how the latter’s been doing lately, I’d go with him, so that’s Chan, Hanyu, Yan.

Ladies: And when the only challenge for Ashley Wagner left is an inconsistent Sotnikova, I’d say that’s the top two.  Then the question is whether Pogorilaya can pull off a second medal in a row.  I think she may have a bit of a letdown, maybe enough for Christina Gao to capitalize on this weak field instead.  So that’s Wagner, Sotnikova, Gao.

Pairs: And the podium seems obvious, but I really don’t know which order.  But Pang & Tong have been the strongest of the three.  On the other hand, I don’t think Duhamel & Radford were blow it for the second competition in a row, at least not enough to lose to Bazarova & Larionov, so I’ll go with Pang & Tong, Duhamel & Radford, Bazarova & Larionov.

Dance: On the other hand, after I&K’s less than impressive showing at their first event and P&B not looking like they’re going to challenge the top two just yet, this order is obvious: Virtue & Moir, Pechalat & Bourzat, Ilinykh & Katsalapov.


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