Weekly News

Woke up to two big surprising pieces of news yesterday morning, or at least, one piece of news big in general to people and the other big to figure skating fans.  Was actually made happy by Tom Daley’s announcement because I’m not sure any athlete of his profile has come out as bisexual before.  Which makes me quite unhappy to see everybody talking about him as gay and going “sorry, ladies” since, when he specifically said he’s perfectly capable of liking girls; it just happened that that the person he fell for turned out to be a guy.  It makes me feel like my orientation is being erased.

Though at the time, I took more notice that contrary to general assumptions, Isabella Tobias & Deividas Stagniunas actually got the Lithuanian president to essentially put the rules aside for them and give her citizenship. My feelings are mixed about that, though then again, when the couple that may be kept out of the Olympics as a result also had the lady getting her citizenship specially granted(I’m fairly certain) it seems much less objectionable than it could be. At any rate, I am happy this program, which I loved from the first time I saw it, will get featured at the Olympics:

Less impressed by the whole business involving Chantelle Kerry & Brooklee Han. Hope things go in Han’s favor and she’s allowed to use the spot she nearly earned at Worlds(with many people thinking she should have earned it there) and finally did earn at Nebelhorn, when she really is pretty much Australia’s best lady right now.


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