To Sum Up the Disciplines After the GPF

Men: Really more volatile than we thought, especially considering what happened in the free program: Chan was very close to clean, Hanyu fell on his quad, and the latter still won the segment, when the common wisdom held Chan could only lose if he made mistakes and the other guys didn’t.  It seems very far from impossible that either Fernandez or Takahashi could easily have done the same.

Ladies: On the other hand, I’m starting to wonder again if anyone here could’ve beaten Yu-Na had she skated well.  Even Mao keeps getting that triple axel called underrotated, even when we all think she’s pulled it off.  Lipitskaia at this rate might be the favorite for a medal, but her score has still dipped from Canada.  Also, Ashley’s landing the 3-3 isn’t getting her any higher in the rankings.; a singles medal for the US doesn’t seem too likely.

Pairs: And Volosozhar & Trankov are not unbeatable.  But they weren’t too far behind Savchenko & Szolkowy when the Germans skated clean and they didn’t, and the way they trounced them in the short program is some indication should both pairs skate clean, the Russians will win.  Add that they’re far more consistent than the Germans, and V & T are still firm favorites in Sochi.

Dance: And that Davis & White won both segments here when Virtue & Moir were much more pulled together than they’ve been and even looked like they might have won the short makes their gold even more likely still than it’s already been.  And bronze is between the Russian and French, unless both really blow it.


2 thoughts on “To Sum Up the Disciplines After the GPF

  1. I must say that I REALLY enjoy this blog.
    All of use your readers appreciate very much the work you do into your figure skating analyses and YouTube videos.
    Don’t think for one minute that no one sees this.

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