An open letter to Microsoft

Dear Microsoft,

So, this Windows 8 thing.  It got introduced into our household this week.  Not by choice; complications from a power outage Monday morning caused my mom’s computer’s to short out, so she needed to get a new one, and the store didn’t sell PCs that didn’t have that damn new interface on them.

We knew it was going to be Hell beforehand.  My mom’s never been the easiest person with computers, especially when they don’t work they way they previously did.  But I must admit, one thing I did not expect was when neither she or I could figure out so much as how to turn the computer off!

Look, I know sometimes I myself miss things on electronic devices, including computers.  Another thing we were both a muddle over this week was when the DVDs started displaying wrong on the TV, until my sister introduced us to the “aspect” button.  But turning something on and off should be pretty basic.  I should not have to google “windows 8 turn computer off” and try to figure out what is meant by a “charm bar”(…really?) to perform so basic a function!  When two people have a computer and cannot figure that out easily, you have a problem.  Also, even though I did find out thanks to google how to turn it off, the method of doing so is one that will likely cause my mother difficulty.

Except that for now, at least, we are now engaging in plans to take her back to Windows 7.  But that’s not a solution that will last forever.  Not to mention I’m now dreading when this interface will be forced upon everyone in my office next time we upgrade our computers.

In short, the trouble wrought by Windows 8 has descended in absurdity, and if you must continually change everything and make us all learn how to use a computer all over again, could you not at least have the decency to include little instruction booklets sold with the computers?  Maybe just a booklet listing all the things that have to be done differently from the last version of Windows?  It’s really needed.




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