To conclude on Europeans

And look back on my predictions for the men’s event: well, I was somewhat right.  It seems the Spanish men made up best they good Saturday for all the other woes of the team this year, and Sergei Voronov stayed where he was too, which was the real surprise there, but otherwise a good deal of movement, and not only a silver but a bronze medalist noone saw coming.  But hey, after what he’s been through, and considering it might prove his final competition, you have to be happy for Konstantin Menshov, walking out with a medal a year after he was rudely deprived of his chance to compete here.

As for the situation for Russian men in general and the Olympics, I’m starting to think they should just send Voronov.  I really think they should’ve sent him to Worlds last year anyway; he was the silver medalist at Russian Nationals, after all.  No, he doesn’t have much besides the jumps, but he’s reliable on those, and that’s more than anyone else is offering unless you can get an ironclad guarantee Plushenko won’t break his back or something.  But it probably won’t happen.   More interested, in fact, in what the French will do at this point.  If Amodio was less in favor with the federation, I think they just might have decided to give up their second Olympic berth after all he’s done this season.  As it is, one wonders if they’ll get over whatever snit they have with Joubert long enough to put him in the team competition, where he’ll likely do better for them than Amodio would.

At least the Russians might just be fielding the favorites for the bronze in the ladies as well as the ice dance; hell, if Julia L skates like that in Sochi, she might even get higher.  Plus they now have two pairs that could take bronze.  But on the other hand, it was not a smart idea for Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov to lose the free skate, especially to a pair that’s still just breaking out.  It raises the question of just how hard is might be for Savchenko & Szolkowy to beat them after all.  Also just how consistent they really are.


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