Okay, DC hasn’t had temperatures near zero degrees Fahrenheit for multiple days in a row, so I suppose we’re getting off easy during this invasion of Artic air.  But it’s still been pretty darn cold.  Today the high was barely in the twenties.  Most of the snow that covered the sidewalks and streets a week ago is now gone, but that which isn’t is frozen into ice and slippery to walk over.  I’m still wearing my boots, both for that and simply for warmth  I’ve taken to walking home from the metro since my job changed locations, but in recent days I’ve been slow to leave the metro station, hoping the bus will show up for me to take instead.  In this weather, exercise will sometimes feel much less important than staying warm.

Apparently it’s only one more day of things being ridiculously cold this week before this area ventures back to what are more normal temperatures for it nowadays, with highs well above freezing.  But the weather’s been unpredictable too; checking the app just now, I see snow is expected tonight, which is a new development.  Good thing I was wearing my boots snow or no snow.  On the other hand, this temperature fluctuation is not good for the sinuses; my throat is sore right now.  It’s the little things about dropping temperatures that can annoy you sometimes.


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