There was supposed to be an Olympic preview montage

In fact, it was one I put more preparation into than I ever put into a montage before.  I planned out what footage to use, and assigned everything to the lyrics of the song as I downloaded.  It took me ages to download.  It didn’t help I had to run just about everything through an avi converted before it would import into Windows Movie Maker.  Finally I spent today editing, had my montage ready…and Windows Movie Maker won’t convert it.  I have no idea what the problem is, and no time with which to figure it out.  Unless I can track down a miracle solution tomorrow a whole month of work and planning goes down the drain.

I sometimes consider new video editing software, but that’s expensive and the one time I tried it it didn’t go any better.  Why can’t there be a simply video editor out there that works?!

ETA: I have finally managed to create a video file, albeit one with sound glitches.  Unfortunately Vimeo’s having difficulties right now, but hopefully I’ll have it embedded soon.  Meanwhile you can download the vid at


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