So now the million ruble question is

Are Stolbova & Klimov going to take over for the next quadrennium?  Win Worlds and most of the other titles up to Olympic gold in 2018?  They’ve certainly got the ability to do it, though I don’t think they’d necessarily go unchallenged.  Although I’m kind of confused as to whether Volosozhar & Trankov will retire or not, though the younger team could still pass them even if they don’t.  Also, maybe I shouldn’t make such assumptions until I actually see some of the performances from today, though following on the Sochi website I had enough information to be reassured that everyone more or less finished where they ought to, even if I don’t like the final results.  I’m reaching the point where I’m glad the team event left most of my favorites with a medal, so I don’t have to worry about them anymore.  Though I still hope Jeremy puts out some skating actually worthy of one, even if he doesn’t yet a medal out of that.  Especially if the snow leaves me able to stay home and watch it!


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