In Conclusion

Grateful to: the team event, for getting lots of skaters medals.

Still Think That: It’s going to need tweaking in the future if it sticks around, though.

Dismayed by: the men’s free being such a mess.

Consoled by: Jeremy making all of us proud in the end.

Happy that: There was so much good skating in the dance and ladies events.

Sad that: The dance event provoked what it did in Canada, and the ladies provoked the results they did.

Even more sad that: So many people thought it appropriate to harass a 17 year old girl over a situation that was not her fault.

Initially amused by: All the comments last night of how Twitter would’ve blown up over Tonya and Nancy had social meda existed in 1994.

Until: I thought about the sheer nastiness that would’ve been directed at three skaters, including a 16 year old and a survivor of partner abuse, had social media existed in 2002!

So now: Who’s going to Worlds and who isn’t?  It seems a lot of skaters who were supposed to be going or not be going have either changed their minds or haven’t fully made them up yet, and right now the only people we can be certain won’t be attending are Plushenko & Kim!


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